Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two days of snow to begin the new year ...

I just came in from clearing my driveway.
I know I will have sore muscles tomorrow, but I feel invigorated.

This makes me think of the new Bible reading plan I am doing this year.  Bible Reading Plan (I chose the Book at a Time option.)
Digging into God's Word exercises my spiritual "muscles" ... what He shows me will invigorate my walk with Him. I look forward to all that He wants to show me in this year ... it may hurt as He chips away at rough edges, but it's exciting to think of growing into His image.

We have had a snow "marathon" since Friday evening, so, being more or less housebound, there has been a good amount of free time to read and ponder over His Word. That will become more of a discipline when I get back to the classroom tomorrow.

I have been reading in Genesis, and what struck me the most was when the serpent said to Eve ... "Did God actually say ...?" (chapter 3) ... Yes, God did actually say!

As I read day-by-day, He is going to say many things to me. My prayer is "Lord, help me not to fall into the same trap that Eve did. Help me to count on what You have said."

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